From time to time I like to interview other people interested in classical music, to generate discussion and learn. From bloggers to classical musicians to critics - each has opinions and stories to share.

Here are the interviews I've been fortunate enough to get so far... I hope you enjoy them!

Wagner Operas Interview with blogger Paul Pelkonen
Blogger and freelance classical writer Paul Pelkonen talks about Wagner operas and productions.

Interview with flute player from the LSO
Gareth Davies, flute player for the London Symphony Orchestra, talks about classical music and what it's like being part of the LSO.

Interview with Patty Mitchell, oboist and blogger
Patty Mitchell, professional oboist extraordinaire and blogger at oboeinsight, agreed to an interview with me. It's long and fascinating so grab something to drink and reed on! (pun intended).

Interview with Pascal Amoyel, concert pianist
An interview with Pascal Amoyel, French concert pianist.

Interview with Alison Lowell, oboist and blogger
Interview with Alison Lowell, Principal Oboist of the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra and founder of the Loboe Project.

Interview With Frances Wilson, Pianist, Teacher, and Blogger
An interview with pianist and blogger Frances Wilson.