Linn Audio Products Overview

Linn Audio has a number of products to help people enjoy music. This page looks at the Majik and Klimax systems, Linn records, and radio...

Linn Music Systems

The Linn Majik System

The "starter level" system is the Linn Majik. It comes with a CD player, an integrated amplifier, and a choice of Majik speakers, (depending on how much space you have).

You can expand it by adding power amplifiers and internal sound cards, and can also make it part of a multi-room system.

The smallest speakers in the Majik system are the 109, which are bookshelf speakers. They have a strikingly realistic and clear sound for such small speakers.

With the bigger, floor-standing Majik 140 loudspeakers, the Majik system price is about $5000, depending on the exact specifications you choose.

The next system is the Akurate. It's based around the Akurate DS unit, separate pre-and power amplifiers, and bigger loudspeakers.

This system uses digital files rather than CDs. It's more like the smaller brother of the top-of-the-line Klimax system, rather than a step up from the Majik.

Nevertheless, you can get higher volume levels than the Majik, and of course, you can expand it. System price is around $15,000, again depending on the exact specifications.

The top-level music system is the Klimax, which really is state-of-the-art.

The Linn Klimax DS (like the Akurate DS) is not a CD player. It has no moving parts.

The Linn Klimax DS System

The initials "DS" stand for digital streaming. It can play any type of digital audio file. You only need the CD once, to rip it onto an external hard drive.

You can get your Klimax with (for example) a German RipNAS (Network Attached Storage). When you stick a CD it in the Klimax rips it to 2 separate hard drives (a main one and one for backup, just in case) in FLAC format.

Another difference between the Klimax and a normal CD player is that there aren't any knobs or switches - just a very small screen where you can see the artist and song name.

The Klimax works with FLAC, WAV, AIFF and MP3 codecs, and also Internet radio. Linn also periodically updates their software and hands it out to their users completely free.

If all you need is a simple CD player, head on over to see this page to see our overviews...

Linn Records

Linn Records is a sort of iTunes Store for audiophiles. It has a huge array of classical and jazz music mastered to its own exacting standards available for download, in a choice of audio file formats, up to studio quality.

It was voted "Label of 2010" by prestigious Gramophone Awards. Perfect for the classical connoisseur!

More information at

Linn Radio

Linn Radio claims to be the best quality radio provider online. They have the best Linn Records's music played in stunning 320kbps MP3. (That's twice the quality of current DAB radio).

There are two stations of interest to classical music audiophiles...

  • Linn Radio, a sort of "Best-of" their entire catalogue;
  • Linn Classical An overview of Linn's awesome range of classical albums, of course in near-perfect recordings.

You can select your station directly from the website, (, and play via your favorite media player. Or for the ultimate listening experience, listen directly through a Linn DS!

As you can see, Linn audio has a excellent range of products for the discerning listener... and their near-godlike high standards are what makes them one of my most highly recommended manufacturers for listening to classical music.